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Our Mission

Revolutionizing Medical Research

Our Mission Statement:

Puraite’s mission is to revolutionize medical research by embracing these core values:

Accelerating Time-to-Insight

We deliver rapid, evidence-backed answers to your critical medical research questions.

Advanced AI Technology

Harnessing cutting-edge AI techniques that push the boundaries of innovation.

Full Transparency

Our models are fully transparent, ensuring human traceability every step of the way.

Use Cases

Transform Your Pharmaceutical Workflow

Pharmaceutical Researchers

Accelerate drug discovery and development by automating the screening of vast medical literature. Identify the most relevant studies and extract critical data effortlessly.

Clinical Trial Coordinators

Streamline the process of identifying and synthesizing relevant clinical trials. Ensure faster, more accurate data collection and analysis to support trial design and outcomes.

Health Economists

Enhance your health outcomes research with automated data extraction, enabling quicker, evidence-based economic evaluations and policy recommendations.

Regulatory Affairs Specialists

Simplify the regulatory submission process by efficiently gathering and analyzing necessary evidence. Ensure compliance with regulatory standards through precise, automated data extraction.

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

Provide up-to-date, evidence-based information to healthcare professionals. Enhance your presentations and discussions with the latest research, filtered and extracted for relevance.


Boost your analytical capabilities by automating data extraction, allowing for more efficient and accurate statistical analysis in medical research.

Information Specialists in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Optimize the retrieval and management of critical scientific information. Automate the search and extraction of relevant data, ensuring timely and accurate support for research and development projects.

Healthcare Policy Analysts

Support the development of evidence-based healthcare policies by automating data collection and analysis. Ensure that policy recommendations are grounded in the latest research.

Meet the team

Vitalik Melnikov
Vitalik Melnikov
Vitalik, Puraite's driving force for strategic development and cooperation, brings people and AI together.
Karlson Pfannschmidt
Karlson Pfannschmidt
Karlson is our science aficionado and AI expert. He is spearheading the development and research of Puraite's technology.
Schahin Baki
Schahin Baki
At the helm of Puraite's business development is Schahin, whose dual expertise in AI technology and economics ensures our growth and success.

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Puraite – Real-Time Medical Evidence

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